Collection: 2017 Flower Child

Elle Gown – Rosewood
Elle Romper – Rosewood
Elle Blouse – Rosewood
Elle Mini Skirt – Rosewood
Elle Lace Bra & Brief - Rosewood

Elle Midi Skirt – Indigo
Elle Short Sleeve Blouse – Indigo
Elle Lace Bra & Brief – Indigo  
Elle Pantsuit  – Indigo
Elle Boho Dress – Indigo

Joni Crochet Top
Joni Crochet Skirt

Austin Texas Tee

Wild Moon
Wild Moon Raglan 
Wild Moon Tank     


Clover Lace Blouse
Clover Lace Gown
Clover Lace Mini Dress

Flower Child
Flower Child Denim Flares
Flower Child Denim Skirt
Flower Child Denim Shirt
Flower Child Tee 


Sayulita Blouse – Birthstone 
Sayulita Blouse –  Sunflower
Sayulita Bomber – Birthstone
Sayulita Frill Gown – Musk
Sayulita Frill Maxi Dress – Sunflower
Sayulita Frill Maxi Dress - Birthstone
Sayulita Frill Mini Dress – Nightshade
Sayulita Frill Mini Skirt – Birthstone
Sayulita Frill Shorts – Musk 
Sayulita Frill Split Skirt – Sunflower
Sayulita Kimono – Birthstone
Sayulita Short Sleeve Mini Dress – Musk & Sunflower
Sayulita Pants – Nightshade
Sayulita Short Sleeve Blouse – Nightshade
Sayulita Ruched Cami – Musk
Sayulita Original Bralette – Birthstone & Nightshade
Sayulita Tri Bralette – Birthstone, Nightshade & Sunflower
Sayulita Bloomers – Birthstone, Nightshade & Sunflower

The brand

Spell & the Gypsy Collective has become a favourite all around the globe. a definite go-to brand when it comes to statement pieces with staying power in your wardrobe all the time supporting circular fashion

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