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Spell & The Gypsy

Island Boho Gown

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This stunning, striped turquoise floor length maxi dress (limited edition) in a heavier textured cotton/linen weave, inspired by vintage fabric, it’s perfect for cooler days or balmy evenings.

Featuring a pin-revealing split at the front, balanced by a subtle figure flattering ruched waist. We’ve designed the gown so it can be unbuttoned at the front and double as a flowing duster/coat.

Item Description

Material, measurements & size tips:
55% cotton, 45% linen
Length (shoulder to hem): XS: 134.5cm | S: 136.5cm | M: 138.5cm | L: 140.5cm.
Sleeve length: XS: 40.4cm | S: 41cm | M: 14.6cm | L: 42.2cm.

Waist - flat: XS: 25cm | S: 27.5cm | M: 30cm | L: 32.5cm.
Bust: XS: 42.5cm | S: 45cm | M: 47.5cm | L: 50cm.