The 1970s were a transformative time for northern New South Wales, especially in the regional town of Nimbin. The 1973 Aquarius Festival was a ten day music, art and cultural gathering of like-minded people who were at the forefront of the counterculture and alternative lifestyles movement in Australia. The Festival changed the small country town and the surrounding region forever.

Then came the full force of the unpredictable planetary influence of Scorpio * giving birth to the feral punk; wild and nefarious children of these most ancient and precious forests ... daring to became "The Fae & Fearless Ferals" of "NEFA” … and too many other groups and individuals to name.  Green and Black united to save our Mother EarthI

In 1979, the idyllic lifestyles created by these free-spirited forest dwellers was threatened by the mass destruction of the most precious remnants of wilderness by our own State Forestry Department. Non-violent Direct Action was the chosen strategy of defense ... these peace loving activists stood against the belligerence of our own State Forestry Corpse & NSW Police to fight for the Nightcap Forest, which is now a National Park and the home to the famous Protestors Falls.  

We created a lifestyle around forest blockades which of course was grounded in art, music and grungy cult fashion ... It is more important than ever that we source our basic human needs ... food, clothing and shelter ... in sustainable, communal ways ... becoming again connected to country and culture and so it is.

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