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Welcome to my storeFinding what your after: There are hundreds of unique, one only products in my store, and it can be overwhelming when you first arrive, but a few little tricks and you will soon know your way around. 


Part One: Circular Fashion

Wild Hunai is not a Spell Stockist; in fact, none of the items under the tab "Circular Fashion" have been sourced through a Stockist. Even if they still have original tags.  I have so many pieces that I have collated into collections.  First into the Brand and then the year and collection name. To see what is available in your favourite brand, year or print, just flip through the Circular Fashion Main Menu. 

This is circular fashion in Action!.

Many pieces are from early collections as early as to 2010, so items will not be in perfect condition.  There will be minor faults due to the nature of delicate fabrics and time.  All effort has been taken to carefully store & ship these precious items. 

When purchasing a circular fashion items, please read the refunds policy carefully to fully understand that your are agreeing to purchase a pre-loved or aged garment. 

These pieces are purchased individually, therefore you will mainly find items, no longer available in store or by Stockists. There may be more than one ... but it's so frustrating to find just not in your size, or not available. To avoid this, refine your search using the

Filter and Sort Link.

I have included lots of search terms, so you can search for items only available in your size or style or brand or just about anything. 

If you don't see what you need, please send a message anytime, happy to help.  I may just have that perfect piece, just not yet listed,  I will also send actual images of garment with care and size tags on request. 

Part Two: New Designers

This is very new to be a stockist for Australian owned, female empowered .  Wild Hunai supports local, hand made, authentic, quality products. We aim to create a platform to offer unique, creative and artisan products; often a one off pieces; in the spirit of complimenting not competing. 


 Wild Hunai established in 2018 as a circular fashion entrepreneur. I set out to create my own version of a platform for Circular Fashion. 

Here in Australia, so many shopping platforms are internationally owned; we work hard to create our business only to find that multi-national corporations are siphoning huge profits through these well known apps.  I would rather my spending money went to a small, local business.  

Australian brands have now realized that circular fashion is here to stay, and know that customers are well informed of the huge global impacts of fast fashion, and will hold their fav Brands accountable for sustainable processes. 
For Gaia 
Our Mother
All ways and always

Wild Hunai is committed to fashion sustainability by creating a wardrobe filled with quality pieces that you will love, and if you don't love... you can always resell a well cared for, quality garment.  


See Customer Care Guides to maintain and care for your original designer  garmentsboots swimwear.



  Glossary of Terms


Original Tags

I really struggle with the phrase "Brand New with Tags BNWT". It is so often not the case and how can something be brand new when it was released in 2008 or 2012? It's not brand new.  Delicate fabrics and lace will perish over time even if not worn, unless you take great measures to care for your garments. I can tell when a garment has been worn and then the tags tied back on, I'm sure you can too.  
I think that "Original Tags" is a more honest description.  Brand new is an unopened item, in it's original packaging. I would love your feedback on my way of describing collectable items. 
Vintage = Excellent Used Condition for garments made from 2005 - 2020.  Vintage items may have minor faults. Spell fabrics and laces are extremely delicate, and any major faults will be disclosed in the description of the item. I am happy to send real images on request and answer any questions prior to purchase.


Fakes are not replicas, they have been made to pass for real Spell, using counterfeit Spell size and care tags and can be difficult to identify. 

Check out the "Spell ID Fakes and ID Facebook page, you will find some great information to keep you well informed with your Spell purchases.  

 Copies/Spell Inspired Replicas

This is mainly in reference to the Replica Graphic Tees & Tanks and replica dresses.  It is obviously the Spell Graphic,/Print

but I hesitate to use the correct Spell name as it is not authentic Spell.