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Wild Hunai Australia

Wheat Straw Cutlery

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Introducing Wheat Straw cutlery: a quirky, environmentally-friendly alternative to the typical plastic knives and forks. Made from gluten-free fiber, it's anti-bacterial and resilient, making it perfect for multiple uses.They are lightweight and don't take space.

Carry this fun and playful eco-friendly set wherever you go, and rest easy knowing you're staying safe from viruses with your own dinnerware. 

Good for school lunch
Good for picnics and barbecues
Good for traveling or a day at the beach
Good for Lunch in your office
Good to use at home

• Made from eco-friendly material
• Reusable & Biodegradable
• Dishwasher & Microwave safe

The materials are made from:
• 100% wheat straw
• BPA free, melamine free, formaldehyde free
• Food grade safe

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