Collection: Lioness 2019

Lioness, fierce in its beauty, is one of those Spell collections that only comes around once a year

When designing this collection, dreaming up colour ways, hand-drawing prints and feeling the texture as her fingers danced across different fabrics, Isabella kept coming back to Africa. She envisioned a savanna as the backdrop to the vibrant florals, earthy hues and luxe laces ~ a vast and faraway landscape like the ones she’d seen in her husbands childhood photographs, at his family farm where he grew up near the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. She wanted the pieces to be modern and quintessentially Spell, but sit against a safari setting of old, a dusty canvas tent, ancient suitcases full of old love-letters perhaps, and the sputtering engine of a old Cessna, waiting to carry you away. 

Our two muses Olivia and Marion had an immediate bond and brought the lightness of friendship to our set far from home. The colours and florals, bold and playful brought a carefree spirit that’s not often paired with the serious nature of Safari life – a duality we enjoyed turning on its head. But of course you’ll also find the warm, sombre tones that echo the African savanna at sunset and the dusty, neutral tones of dried grasslands as far as the eye can see. 

Lioness 2019
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