Wild Hunai Hoops & Huggies; Size & Style

Shopping for hoops or huggies and don’t know where to start? The choices are delightfully endless! In this guide, we hope to tell you all you need to know about hoop styles, sizes, and how to match your hoop earring measurements with the best ear adornment for you.

Styling of your hoop or huggie

Hoops are circular earrings, usually made of metal that fasten with hinged backs. Some hoop designs with a twist include elongated loops or j-shaped hoops, creole styles which are broader in the middle than at the top, and half-hoops that are open-ended or c-shaped and fasten with a post back.

Hoop earrings can be plain, textured, set with beads, gemstones or hung with cute earring charms called hooplets. Hoop sizes vary from very small, to classic mid-size and large statement hoops.

Huggies are dainty hoops that just touch the edge of your ear. They are often thicker than small hoops and are popular daily-wear earrings and second or third piercing champions.

The width of a hoop or huggie earring is also a style factor. Slim hoops are more casual while wider hoops are more glamorous, but it also depends on the combination of size and width. Small and wide can also be classic and elegant.


How to measure for the desired hoop and huggie size

Every ear and piercing is different, so not every size earring will fit the same for everyone, particularly small hoops and huggies which require precise measurement. For hoops, the best way to know what size is best for you is to measure from your piercing to the inner rim of the hoop or huggie.

Step 1: For precision, use a ruler with millimetre markings. Hold the ruler up to your ear and measure the distance between the piercing and the edge of your earlobe/helix/conch.

Step 2: Decide where you want the other edge of the hoop/huggie to rest. Do you want it to touch your ear (huggie) or to have a little space in-between (hoop: small, medium or large)? This will be your inside-hoop measurement.

Add 0.1-0.2cm to your measurement if the hoop measurement is given by outer diameter.