2018 Oasis

FOR THE LOVE OF EARTH – Sustainable fibres in Oasis.

Oasis looks to more sustainable fabrics and ecologically friendly techniques. Vegetable dyed organic cotton and viscose flank the luxurious swim collection, which is made from ECONYL®, an innovative regenerated Italian nylon yarn, which instead of using virgin materials, is made from recycled consumer waste, diverting things like plastic bottles, ocean waste like discarded fishing nets, and fabric scraps etc. away from landfill.

"We’re proud to say that this is our most sustainable collection yet!" Spell, 2018


Abigail Lace Cropped Top
Abigail Lace Tie Side Skirt
Abigail Lace Mini Dress
Aggy One Piece 
Aggy Tie Side Bottom 
Aggy Tri Top 
Della Pinafore
Lotti Botanically Dyed Blouse
Lotti Botanically Dyed Organic Mini Dress
Oasis Blouse – Nightshade
Oasis Blouse – Opal
Oasis Boho Dress – Opal 
Oasis Maxi Dress – Opal
Oasis Cropped Cami – Nightshade 
Oasis Palazzo Pants – Nightshade 
Oasis Duster – Nightshade
Oasis Long Sleeve Mini Dress – Nightshade 
Oasis Maxi Kimono – Opal
Oasis Short Kimono – Pearl
Oasis Maxi Skirt – Opal
Oasis Maxi Skirt – Pearl
Oasis Off The Shoulder Top – Pearl 
Oasis Tie Top – Pearl
Oasis Mini Dress – Opal 
Oasis Cheeky Pant – Opal
Oasis Crop Top – Opal
Oasis High Cut Pant – Opal
Oasis Fixed Tri Top – Opal
Oasis Lace Up One Piece – Opal 
Oasis Frill Bandeau – Nightshade
Oasis Frill Cheeky Pant – Nightshade
Oasis Frill Fixed Tri Top – Nightshade
Oasis High Cut Pant – Nightshade
Oasis Long Sleeve One Piece – Nightshade
Oasis Rouched One Piece – Nightshade
Oasis Organic Towel – Opal
Posy Crop Top – Peach
Posy Tie Side Skirt – Peach
Posy Long Sleeve Mini Dress – Gardenia
Posy Maxi Sundress – Gardenia
Posy Cross Over One Piece – Gardenia
Posy Knot Bandeau – Buttercup
Posy Knot High Pant – Buttercup
Posy Knot Tri Top – Peach
Posy Knot Cheeky Pant – Peach
Posy Long Sleeve One Piece – Peach
Posy Frill Cheeky Pant – Gardenia
Posy Tri Top – Gardenia
Posy One Piece – Buttercup