2017 Siren Song

This collection has two print stories, as in traditional Spell style, plus some luxe white pieces. Winona, releasing first is an nod to the 90’s with darker floral prints in every day wear styles, but of course there are some wow bohemian pieces with oversized sleeves, frills and high splits.

O and the beautiful luxe detailing in the Darling story, a structured dress and off-shoulder blouse in heavy drape cotton.


Drop Breakdown

Darling Mini Dress Malt

Darling Off Shoulder Top Malt

Winona Boho Maxi Ivy

Winona Strappy Dress Ivy

Winona Mini Ivy

Winona Blouse Ivy

Winona Gown Berry

Winona Cami Berry

Winona Midi Skirt Berry

Winona Strappy Dress Berry

Winona Slip Dress Coal

Winona Tunic Coal

Winona Cami Coal

Winona Mini Skirt Coal

Winona Mini Dress Coal

Winona Lace Bralette Coal

Winona Lace Bloomers Coal

Winona Lace Bralette

Winona Lace Bloomers

Siren Song Gown Flamingo (very limited qty)

Siren Song Strappy Dress Marigold

Siren Song Strappy Dress Flamingo

Siren Song Mini Mermaid

Siren Song Smock Dress Marigold

Siren Song Duster Mermaid

Siren Off Shoulder Top Mermaid

Siren Song Skirt Mermaid

Siren Song Soft Tri Flamingo & Mermaid

Siren Song Bloomers Flamingo & Mermaid

Arabian Jewel Styles (from Lionheart)

Sayulita Kaftan (from Cloud Dancer)

Cloud Dancer Shorts

Cloud Dancer Shorts Beni Knit

Cool Blue Baby Tee

Cool Blue Baby Sloppy Joe

Dream Makers Tee

Dream Makers Tank Dress

Dream Makers Tank

Elsa Sequin Dress Opal

Elsa Sequin Dress Eggnog

Elsa Sequin Jacket Eggnog

Gardenia Blouse

Twinkle Twinkle Body Suit