Spell Copies and Replicas

Over the years there have been some excellent copies made of the most sought after Spell designs ... These copy items are almost identical and also carry the spell size tags and care labels and can be very hard to identify until they are compared to the authentic pieces.  I strongly recommend you join the excellent Facebook page dedicated to identifying genuine Spell items and check your purchases carefully.  If you are paying this much for a Spell design you want the real deal!!

Go to Spell Designs Fake Help And Identification Facebook page


The difference between a Fake and a Copy

Fakes have spell tags, care labels and often swing tags

Copies are unlabelled or of other brands ... for the purposes of this site they are "Spell 'Inspired' Replicas".   There are replicas and then there are replicas!!  I choose good quality fabrics, rayon and cotton, as much as I can. 

The Replicas on this page are of excellent quality.  You might like to experiment with a Replicas before spending hundreds of dollars only to find that your Unicorn doesn't really suit you. 

I have quite a few Replicas and I love them ... particularly as I can wear them without worrying that I might ruin an expensive garment.